Titan sub wreckage discovered on the Atlantic seafloor

Engineers have recovered the remaining debris and presumed human remains from the Titan submersible that crashed during a dive to the Titanic in June. The craft was destroyed, killing all five passengers on board. The search for the sub sparked an international hunt, with the first debris found several days later. Additional parts of the craft were recovered from the sea floor last week and taken to a US port. Medical officials will analyze the human remains. The Titan submersible was described as "experimental" by OceanGate, the company that built it. The sub made several dives to the Titanic wreck, which lies 3,800m below sea level in the North Atlantic Ocean. The company's chief executive, Stockton Rush, was aboard the doomed vessel. US court documents revealed that Rush ignored safety warnings about the submersible. OceanGate suspended operations after the disaster. The hull of the Titan was made from carbon fibre, which is cheaper and stronger than titanium or steel. An international investigation continues, and a public hearing will be held at a future date.


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