At least 100 people were killed in an Iraqi fire at a wedding party in Nineveh

A fire broke out at a wedding in northern Iraq, resulting in at least 100 deaths and 150 injuries. The bride and groom are among the victims. The fire occurred in Al-Hamdaniya, Iraq's northern Nineveh province, late on Tuesday evening. It is unclear what caused the blaze, but early reports suggest it broke out after fireworks were lit. The building's flammable panels may have helped the flames spread, causing parts of the ceiling to fall down. Iraq's civil defense directorate stated that the fire led to the collapse of parts of the hall due to the use of highly flammable, low-cost building materials that collapse within minutes when fire breaks out. Firefighters were seen climbing over the wreckage in search of survivors in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Witnesses reported that hundreds of people were celebrating when the building caught fire at around 10:45 local time. Iraqi authorities sent ambulances and medical crews to the site, and Iraq's prime minister instructed officials to mobilize efforts to provide relief to those affected. The injured have been transferred to hospitals across the Nineveh region, and the number of deaths and injuries may rise. At the main hospital in Hamdaniya, dozens of people arrived to donate blood to help the injured.


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