Oregon kidnapping victim escaped makeshift cell, according to FBI

US authorities are searching for more victims after a woman escaped a makeshift concrete block cell in Oregon. The woman reported being kidnapped by a man posing as a police officer and sexually assaulted before she managed to escape. Police have arrested 29-year-old Negasi Zuberi in connection to the assault. The suspect, who has lived in several states over a decade, is believed to have assaulted others. The woman, who was not named, reported being approached by Zuberi in Seattle for prostitution services. He then handcuffed her and drove her 450 miles to Klamath Falls, where she was sexually assaulted and locked in a makeshift cell. The woman managed to break down the door and escape. Police searched Zuberi's home and traced his whereabouts to Reno, Nevada, where he was arrested and taken into custody. The FBI believes there may be more victims, as Zuberi has lived in 10 states over the last decade, including California, New York, and Florida. The FBI has appealed for any other possible victims to come forward.


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