Girl, 3, dies on Texas migrant bus, according to Operation Lone Star

 US health officials are investigating the death of a three-year-old Venezuelan girl on a bus carrying asylum seekers from Texas to Chicago. The girl was taken to a hospital in southern Illinois and pronounced dead on Thursday. The bus had been set off from Brownsville, on the border with Mexico, and passengers were assessed for medical conditions before leaving. The bus pulled over and security personnel called 911 when the girl's health appeared deteriorating. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has sent over 30,000 migrants to cities controlled by the Democrats since last year under his "Operation Lone Star" policies. The US Department of Justice sued Abbott for refusing to remove a floating barrier on the Rio Grande river aimed at stopping migrants from entering the US from Mexico. Venezuela's refugee crisis is the world's second largest, with over seven million Venezuelans leaving since 2015 due to political and economic troubles.


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