Six were fatally stabbed at a kindergarten after the attacker's child was "hit by a car"

A 25-year-old man, surnamed Wu, has been arrested in connection with an attack on a kindergarten in southern Guangdong province. The attack killed six people and injured one other person, with police still investigating the motive. The incident remains a trending topic on social media with hundreds of millions of views. The Chinese government has boosted school security since a spate of school attacks in 2010, with assailants using knives and hammers. Some users have questioned whether security at schools is enough, as attacks continue to occur. Some have called for the suspect to face the death penalty for perpetrating such an attack against children. 

China prohibits gun ownership and has prevalent security in public areas, making shootings rare, but violent crimes do still happen at times via knife attacks or homemade explosives. A number of stabbings have occurred in recent years at schools, with previous incidents involving knife attacks and corrosive liquid sprays. The attacks have sometimes been linked to mental health issues, which can go untreated or underreported due to cultural stigma in the country. Chinese authorities have sometimes attributed such attacks to assailants holding personal grudges or acting out to seek revenge.


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