Red White and Royal Blue

Red, White & Royal Blue follows Alex, the president's son, and Prince Henry, whose feud threatens U.S.-British relations. After a staged truce, their icy relationship weakens, sparking deeper tensions.

PLOT: Alex Claremont-Diaz, the First Son of the United States, lives in the White House while he finishes his political science degree at Georgetown. He is with his sister June and their best friend Nora Holleran, who form the White House Trio, a name given by the media to their constant presence in the media's eyes as they party and promote the White House through different events. Alex has a nemesis, Prince Henry, who he considers rude and overbearing. They encounter each other at Prince Phillip's wedding, where Alex takes umbrage for not paying June enough attention when they dance. Alex drunkenly confronts Henry, leading to a physical push-and-pull that leads to them destroying the wedding cake. After returning home, Alex is confronted by Zahra, his mother Ellen's vice chief of staff, over the diplomatic and public relations crisis he initiated. To rectify the situation, Alex is forced to fly to England and begin a faux friendship with Henry that can be promoted in the media. At this time, Alex meets Shaan, Henry's equerry, who has him sign multiple non-disclosure agreements. 

They do various media events where they talk about their friendship, which Alex despises. However, they also get to see a more authentic and kind version of Henry while interacting with children in a sick ward. They are further entangled in a broom closet during a false bomb alert, and Alex learns more about Henry's vulnerable side. Before leaving, Alex gives the latter his number and casually begins to text one another, gradually developing a rapport.  

Alex is keeping a close eye on his mother's forthcoming election against Jeffrey Richards, the right-wing Senator from Utah. He spends a lot of time in the House and Senate buildings, trying to glean information from various people due to his parents' political careers. He visits Rafael Luna, the Independent Senator from Colorado, who is his father's, Senator Oscar Diaz of California's protege. Alex keeps an eye on Richards' tactics, as he is rumored to want an independent senator for vice-president so as to attract the moderate vote. Alex's mother Ellen offers him a job on the campaign that he is to begin after graduation. While Alex is ecstatic, June is not when offered a job on the campaign, and he refuses due to not wanting to embark on the political path. Alex has always wanted to follow in his parents' footsteps, and hopes to be in Congress by the time he is 30. On Christmas, Alex's parents get into an argument over Ellen's reelection campaign, prompting an outburst from Alex.

He then calls Henry to vent his feelings. June invites Henry to a New Year's party hosted by the White House Trio, and they spend time together as a group. At the end of the night, Alex and Henry have sex for the first time. After the Claremont campaign is stunned by Luna being revealed as a surrogate for the Richards campaign, Alex is comforted by a surprise visit from Henry. Alex, June, and Nora go to Texas to their father's ranch, where they declare their love to Henry. They later use Zahra and Cash’s help to confront Henry in London. Henry reveals his hesitation to engage in their relationship due to the expectations of being a royal but agrees to pursue it after a night together. Alex returns home to the tumults of the campaign, thinking diligently and strategically about finally turning Texas, his home state, Democratic. Henry reveals that Phillip was not supportive when he revealed his sexuality. Meanwhile, the media begins to speculate about Alex and Henry after finding leaked footage of them in an elevator. Alex goes on a date with Nora in a public fashion, while Henry does something similar with June. Even after this, more intimate photographs of Henry and Alex are released to the press, along with the intimate emails between the two. Both are distraught, and while Alex has his mother's full support, Henry is under pressure from Phillip and his grandmother the Queen to lie about the situation.


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