Recent arrest of influential neo-Nazi "Dark Foreigner" by Canadian police

Canada has arrested Patrick Gordon Macdonald, a 26-year-old neo-Nazi propagandist, and charged with terrorism. Macdonald, identified by VICE News in 2021, was allegedly involved in producing propaganda material for the neo-Nazi terrorist organization Atomwaffen Division. The RCMP said Macdonald facilitated the creation, production, and distribution of three terrorist propaganda videos. This is the first time in Canada that an individual advocating a violent far-right ideology has been charged with both terrorism and hate propaganda. Macdonald was a key figure in the development of the neofascist accelerationism aesthetic and was involved in organizing and growing the groups. His work and influence can still be seen today in the extreme right, with Macdonald actively helping to organize and grow these groups. Macdonald was arrested in the United Kingdom and is expected to go before a judge later today.



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