articipants in this boat-jumping TikTok challenge have lost four lives

Alabama officials are blaming a TikTok challenge for the death of four people in the last six months. The challenge involves jumping from the rear of a moving boat at high speed, which could have been avoided if people were not being filmed on camera. Cpt. Jim Dennis, with the Childersburg Rescue Squad, said that in the four recent cases, the people who had jumped broke their necks instantly. He said that jumping into the water at high speed is "almost like hitting concrete." This is not the first case of life-threatening challenges on TikTok, as the platform has also popularized other dangerous trends, such as the blackout challenge, which involves being strangled until unconscious and has been linked to the deaths of at least 15 children. Other harmful TikTok trends include the penny challenge, back-cracking challenge, and skull-breaker challenge. Dennis is worried about more people taking part in the boat-jumping challenge this summer and urges people not to consider it. "It's not worth your life," he said.


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